Quick Guide to Cross Browser Testing

Are the no of visitors on your application is decreasing rapidly because of browser incompatibility? Then it’s time to check for the cross browser compatibility for your application. This article will provide the basic information about Cross browser testing and respective tools to perform cross browser testing.


What is Cross Browser Testing?

Verifying the application behavior / responsiveness across multiple desktop and mobile browsers is defined as Cross Browser Testing.

After knowing what is cross browser testing you might get many questions in your mind like What to test? and Where to Test? etc. The below information will give answers for your questions.

What to Test?

It is impossible to test complete functionality on each desktop and mobile browsers. So first identify the Business scope like what are the target usage of browsers (including browser versions) based on the location where application will be launched. This could minimize most of the efforts for testing the application for browser compatibility.

Where to Test?

Definitely you will get confused to identify a tool which can provide your test environment. In the market you will find many number of tools which will include multiple browser versions, Operating system versions and Mobile devices. Your task is to pick up the correct tool which provides complete environment for your application. Ideally each tool has its own advantages and drawbacks. It will take so much of efforts to compare the available tools and pick the right one. For this reason I spent some time to identify the tools available in the market and picked few trending cross browser testing tools and features. Below image explains the list of features and pricing structure of the cross browser testing tools. Now your job is simple just go through these features and pick up the right tool suitable for your application.

Cross Browser Testing tools Comparison
Cross Browser Testing tools Comparison


Testing the application in all desktop and mobile browsers manually is time consuming and meaningless. Instead list out the target browsers and pick the correct tool will save your time and also improves the quality of the work.